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07. Feb. 2022

50 Years Porsche Design: An exhibition at the Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is honoring our 50th anniversary with a special exhibition. Until July 10, 2022, visitors can immerse themselves in the most important, interesting and extraordinary products as well as the history of Porsche Design's origins.
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15. Oct. 2021

Our exhibition „Form Equals Function“

As winners of the title "Red Dot: Design Team of the Year", we were given the traditional honor to curate a special exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum on the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein. Our exhibition with the title "Form Equals Function. Design by Studio F. A. Porsche" can be viewed from September 1 to November 1, 2021.
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12. Aug. 2021

Ergonomic Comfort

As a design studio, it is always particularly exciting to develop highly complex pieces of equipment such as a dental chair, since the structure consists of many individual components whose arrangement must be precisely coordinated.
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31. May. 2021

Studio F. A. Porsche is named Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2021

Studio F. A. Porsche has been awarded the honorary title “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2021”. Pro-fessor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche always maintained, “Good design must be honest”. He created the legendary Porsche 911 and founded the design studio in 1972.
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28. Oct. 2020

Urban Trend: The Rise of Small Space Homes

The M101 SkyWheel in Kuala Lumpur shows what living in the premium sector with reduced space can look like in the future. Innovative room solutions and the functional way of thinking design make the project a milestone in urban living.
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26. Aug. 2020

Quality, for a lifetime.

Creating sustainable design is a central task for designers today. We interviewed Roland Heiler, Managing Director of Studio F. A. Porsche, and asked him about the importance of creating resource-saving products that are highly relevant, durable and appreciated.
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27. Feb. 2020

Design Studio on the American West Coast

Under the roof of Porsche Design of America we’re kicking off the year with the opening of a design studio in Costa Mesa, situated south of Los Angeles near the City of Irvine.
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03. Jul. 2019

Innovative, exclusive and full of surprises

One of the most exciting challenges for us to realize extraordinary one-of-a-kind projects, which often allow us to indulge our passion for perfect functionality creating something unprecedented.
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19. Jun. 2019

Honesty as the highest precept

What I like about Porsche Design is that they have the absolute ability to do it, they have authority – an absolute authority,” said the renowned British designer Ross Lovegrove. Authority is the sum of characteristics such as competence, tradition and authenticity – all of which are values that we embody here at Studio F. A. Porsche.
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16. Feb. 2019

Fast, elegant and cutting-edge

Traumhaft wäre es, nach einem Stadtbummel entlang der Grachten und bunten Häuschen Amsterdams, auf ein Boot zu steigen und die pittoresk Landschaft Hollands zu genießen. Etwa auf der „Jules Verne“, einem 80 Meter lange Binnen-Event-Schiff für noble Anlässe, dessen Interieur von uns umgestaltet wurde. Von der eleganten Dachlinie bis zum Oberdeck, das sich zu einer großen Freitreppe entwickelt, ist das Boot in hochwertigem Holz beplankt.
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12. Jan. 2019

How do we use our own products at home?

Good design is characterized by the perfect form and function of a product, which meets the needs of its users in the best possible way. Our founder Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche once said: "I simply enjoy to improve things. Because in some way, I invariably also do them for myself."
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14. Aug. 2018

Creation Unbounded

The premium design company Studio F. A. Porsche and the Japanese electronics group Panasonic are working together to develop premium products for the Chinese market.
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11. Jul. 2018

Red Dot Gala 2018

Am 09.07.2018 fand die diesjährige Preisverleihung des internationalen Designwettbewerbs „Red Dot Design Award“ im Aalto Theater der Stadt Essen statt. Jährlich prämiert die Jury die Besten aus Design und Business.
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28. Jun. 2018

Design Intelligence Award 2018

This year, for the third year in a row the DIA committee conferred the Design Intelligence Award – the highest endowed design prize worldwide – for exceptional works with the assistance of the China Academy of Art. As a member of the illustrious expert jury with representatives from France, China, Germany and India, among others, Christian Schwamkrug, the design director of Studio F. A. Porsche, was invited to the gala and awards ceremony in May 2018.
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11. Jun. 2018

“A Unique Audio Product”

"We are overwhelmed by the positive response to our new MAUI P900. The awards, conferred by a competent jury, underscore that we have chosen the right approach with this singular audio product and the cooperation with Studio F. A. Porsche. We highly value the large number of awards as a worthwhile recognition of our development and design work."
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25. May. 2018

Innovative VIP Seating Comfort

INAIRVATION, a manufacturer of premium class cabins and aircraft seats offers you the ultimate experience in new chair design for private and business class travel. From the onset, our design concept aimed at creating a unique customer experience of style, spaciousness and the ultimate in business comfort for VIP private jet travelers.
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24. May. 2018

Perfection you can touch

Each year the German Design Award recognizes high-quality, international designs. We received this prestigious award in 2017 for our design concept of the door fitting 311 in the HAFI Premium Line. In cooperation with HAFI, a manufacturer of innovative door fittings, we developed a design idea for this product which is a part of everyday life, but is rarely at the center of our attention. With a lifetime of twenty years, factors such as timelessness, comfort and relevance were front and center as we designed the door handle.
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12. Sep. 2019

Flying in Style with Cathay Pacific

Ergonomic, lightweight and safe – our expertise in transportation design has enabled us to completle redesign the look of both Business and Premium Economy Class of the Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific. The entire design revolved around the idea of creating a maximum amount of comfort and space for both passengers and flight personnel. The elegant seats are arranged slight angles to use the available space in Cathay Pacific’s A350 Airbus fleet optimally.
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