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Porsche and Embraer present the ultimate pair: a sports car and a jet

Customers who opt for a special edition Embraer Phenom 300E business jet can also buy a matching customised Porsche 911 Turbo S.


The strictly limited edition is the result of a cooperation between the two brands. Named “Duet”, it is based on the two sportiest and most successful products from each segment. The project team comprised members of Embraer’s executive jet design and marketing departments in Melbourne/Florida (USA), the Porsche design department “Style Porsche” in Weissach (Germany), Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Stuttgart (Germany) and Studio F.A. Porsche.

“A partnership of this magnitude could only be brought about by two innovative companies with a shared vision: to offer the ultimate customer experience. Every detail of this stellar duo was inspired by the particular standards of our discerning customers,” says Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets.

The sports car and jet have the same two-tone paintwork in Platinum Silver Metallic (gloss) and matt Jet Grey Metallic (satin gloss) with trim strips in Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue. The paint finish has been produced in a complex manual process. A logo was specially designed for the cooperation. It takes its cue from aerodynamics and is made up of a stylised aeroplane wing from the Phenom 300E and the rear wing of the flagship 911 with the Sport Design package.

Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet

The Duet logo is used on the exterior and in the interior of both products: it is embossed on the head restraints, for example, and also features on the limited-edition badge. Other design details on this very special 911 Turbo S establish a link to aviation: the individual registration of the respective jet can be found on the underside of the rear wing and on the sides of the vehicle key. The door sill trims feature “No step” lettering illuminated in red. The dial on the stopwatch from the Sport Chrono package has a printed-on artificial horizon.

Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet

Every customer who purchases the dynamic duo will also receive a Porsche Design luggage set. The high-quality luggage includes a pilot’s case and two weekend bags. The unique offering is rounded off by a special edition of the new 1919 Globetimer UTC timepiece from Porsche Design. The innovative timepiece picks up on the design details of the cooperation. For example, the dial features the same Platinum Silver Metallic and Jet Grey Metallic paint colours used for the sports car and jet as well as altimeter markings as a finishing touch.

A special night design is obtained through use of luminous Superluminova material: the runway lights up in light blue in the dark, while the hour indices and hour and minute hands shine in light green. The tip of the date pointer is shaped like the Embraer logo. This is the letter “E”, stylised in the shape of a symmetrical plane. The black leather strap is made of real Porsche interior leather and features contrast stitching in Speed Blue. The cooperation logo can be found on the leather strap, the rear of the case and the dial. The 1919 UTC Globetimer Embraer is also limited to ten units and is exclusively reserved for owners of the jet and vehicle.

Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche Embraer Duet
Porsche, Embraer
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