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Hard Drive

Puristic Design for On The Go

LaCie, the French producer of external hard drives, has been our partner for several years. No surprise: LaCie highly values ambitious design for all of their products – thus an ideal partner for Studio F. A. Porsche.

With this hard drive the design challenge was to achieve a thin case while using a premium material, e.g. aluminum. Many of those materials require a minimum strength that has to be met in every design.

Porsche Design La Cie Hard Drive

The essence of the design construction which is turned inside out is that each element is highly visible in its form and strength: Two approx. 1mm thin aluminum plates, connected through a circulating frame made of extruded aluminum. Additionally, polished cutting edges highlight the individual components and create a design that focuses on lightness and stability through the use of floating elements.

Porsche Design La Cie Hard Drive
Porsche Design La Cie Hard Drive
Porsche Design La Cie Hard Drive
Porsche Design
External Hard Drive
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