Ultra Slim

Minimalist Design with Innovative Cable Routing

Wouldn’t it be nice if a particularly flat and elegant computer monitor could do without the bothersome cables that normally hang down from the casing? That was the basic idea of our design for the Ultra Slim Display from AOC, a leading supplier of monitors worldwide.

We accomplished this by routing the cable through the filigree stand, with only a single cable coming out of the casing. The electrical and HDMI connections are split later in an innovative `smartbox´, which saves additional space inside the monitor.

AOC Ultra Slim Monitor

The monitor panel itself is designed in subtle black and hovers over the silver stand, which is entirely made of metal. A cylindrical, technically designed hinge allows you to change the angle of inclination, and the hinge visually forms a unit with the stand. In short: the asymmetric form of the entire monitor combines innovative design with elegant cable routing.

AOC Ultra Slim Monitor
AOC Ultra Slim Monitor
AOC Ultra Slim Monitor
AOC Ultra Slim Monitor
Ultra Slim Monitor
PDS241, PDS271
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