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Our recently teamed up with the legendary American caravan company Airstream. The result of this collaboration is the Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer, an ultralight, garage-ready travel trailer concept for the ever-changing world of campervan adventures. The concept builds on Airstream’s iconic design cues while reinventing caravan owner’s experience.

Among the many innovations incorporated into the design, the concept addresses the changing RV market by using a pop-up roof to provide additional interior headroom and a lowered chassis, allowing city dwellers to fit a trailer in most standard residential garages. Through 3D renderings, 1:3 scale models and extensive computer-aided wind tunnel testing, the project brought to life the conceptual evolution of Airstream’s signature riveted aluminum exterior.

Following Airstream’s heritage, the concept design innovates the aerodynamics of this travel trailer. The caravan’s shell shape was refined through advanced computer-assisted aerodynamic testing using scale models of the concept. A new rear shape and flush underside shed air while in motion.

The concept’s interior design maximizes the use of space to enhances the owner experience. Windows and skylights create a spacious interior feel and connect people with the beauty of their surroundings.

The trailers rear hatch features a new two-piece design with a hinge-up hatch and a drop-down tailgate. This design element extends the interior living space, connecting travelers with the beauty around them and allowing for the easy loading of adventure gear. An awning can be attached to the hatch to create a shady place to relax and plan next adventures.

Our design prioritized flexibility in the concept’s interior design. An innovative rear seating area transforms from dining to working to relaxing space. The versatile seating area quickly converts from a dinette to a large 82” x 61” sleeping area. Reclining seat options allow owners to enjoy the views through the open hatch.

Airstream Travel Trailer Concept

Whether the design studio concept will become reality remains to be seen.  Whether as a full-blown new model, inspiration for another travel trailer, or the source of innovations in other products, the Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is now a part of the Airstream family.

Airstream Travel Trailer Concept
Airstream Travel Trailer Concept
Airstream Travel Trailer Concept
Airstream Travel Trailer Concept
Airstream Travel Trailer Concept
Travel Trailer Concept
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