SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur


M101 SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur Outside
M101 SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur Kueche
M101 SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur Schlafzimmer
M101 SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur Bad
M101 SkyWheel Kuala Lumpur Draft

The first of its kind in the world, the M101 SkyWheel with its two towers is a landmark designed to redefine the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

For our approach we applied local Malay design elements through a functional and thoroughly modern lens, turning traditional patterns into bold and new imagery.

Three signature elements help define the building: its red meridian stripe, the reflective black glass and the titanium pedestal, which elevates the building and instills a sense of presence. Each element operates individually and complementarily to form one grand design.

By applying our functional product-design-oriented approach to the façade, with a focus on materials and attention to detail, we ensured that the design stands as a product that challenges conventional design thinking and allows visitors to interact with the space in entirely new ways.





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