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Convotherm Hot Air Steamer Convotherm4
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Convotherm Hot Air Steamer Convotherm4

Nouvelle Cuisine

How can design improve a good product? By making its good qualities visible!

Convotherm is in the business of professional kitchen equipment. In that business the use of stainless steel is common, if not mandatory. This is curse and blessing because everybody else uses the same material and without a clear design language it is difficult to tell one manufacturer from another.

Convotherm saw the potential and asked Porsche Design Studio to create a new generation of Comni Steamers. Comni Steamers are professional devices combining the functions of a convection oven and a steam cooker.

Besides numerous improved functionalities Porsche Design Studio developed a new and strong design language for Convotherm, maintaining the professional look combined with a high level of recognizability.


Convotherm 4




  • Red Dot Award 2014: Product Design

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